As a guest on Focus on The Family and a prominent speaker with Promise Keepers Joe’s expertise in parenting, relationships, and discipleship stems from a life dedicated to sharing Jesus with the world. As the father of four children, "Pops" to 13 grandchildren, and 44 years of marriage to Debbie-Jo, Joe’s greatest desire is for individuals to know how loved they are by their Heavenly father.

Heart of A Shepherd


David was known as “the man after God’s own heart.” The Heart of a Shepherd is a daily devotional journey through the Psalms of David, written to guide believers to pursue that heart and become equipped to give that heart away through discipleship to others.

One 2 Won


Sticking With Your Teen


Is there a chasm growing between you and your teen? Whether your adolescent is a major prodigal or a minor problem, don’t give up! Your relationship is everything, and it’s never too late to start mending it. In Sticking with Your Teen, you’ll take an honest look at the way you parent. You’ll discover creative, schedule-friendly ways to get closer to your son or daughter. You’ll see why teens turn distant and defiant and receive the encouragement and hope every parent needs to draw closer to his or her adolescent.

What Kids Wish Parents Knew About Parenting


It’s an alarming moment when it dawns on parents that their child is in trouble. And if you aren’t perceptive you may never know until you find a half-smoked marijuana joint in a jeans pocked on laundry day or a sexy love note left inadvertently on a dresser or a citation from the police.

In times like these, when children are making adult decisions that are often devastatingly destructive, parents must examine the facts and learn how to be what their kids need them to be before it’s too late.

Dare 2B Wise


Funny thing. Most parents would give their life for their child. But they have a hard time giving up ten minutes a day to do devotions with them. Why is that? Best-selling author Joe White and Kelli Stuart believe it is simply because they have not found the right tool. Well, here it is.

Pure Excitement



Are you serious about your commitment to a lifetime of purity? Put your commitment to purity in concrete with this 15 Week Pure Excitement Bible Study.

Darwin's Demise


Darwin’s Demise

For people confused by the contradictory messages they hear from secular science and church teaching, evolution can be intimidating. The truth is that Darwin’s ideas are based upon faulty science, and that creationists have solid evidence to support their claims. Finally, a brilliant defense of Genesis and the Bible’s teaching about origins is waiting for those who are soon to understand how Darwinism is fraudulent faith masquerading as science. This cutting-edge book challenges conventional teaching with provocative, science-based answers to some of the greatest questions of all time:

Passionate Love



Building a CROSS Centered Marriage by: Joe White, Gary Smalley & Ted Cunningham

Faith Training



As the head of Kanakuk Kamps, Joe White has seen thousands of kids make a commitment to Christ. He reveals a plan in “Faith Training” for daily quiet times, extensive bible studies and devotionals.

Irresistible Love



Irresistible Love is a partnership in your journey to the heart of Jesus. It’s your invitation to hitchhike with an author who has spent decades counseling and encouraging millions of men, women, and students of all ages in their quest for intimacy, inner peace, purpose, and fulfillment.

Read this book. Watch your faith grow. And fall deeper in love with Jesus than you’ve ever dreamed possible.